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What if I told you…

There is something (quick and easy) you can do today that can boost your store’s revenue by 20-25% overnight?

(Without spending more money on ads!)

That would sound too good to be true, right?

But it’s NOT!

And we can prove it!

That’s right!

We have case studies and data to back it up!

This sneaky little tactic has helped one of our clients generate an extra R80,000 per month in recurring revenue!

And that number is growing month on month!

Best of all; it didn’t cost her an extra cent!


Today I want you to copy and paste this tactic for your own business.

Trust me, it works like a bomb!

However, most eCommerce businesses are too “BUSY” a.k.a LAZY to implement it for themselves.

And in turn…

It’s costing them millions… 


Say what?


You see, in the U.S. in 2020, over $18 billion (with a B) was lost between eCommerce business by neglecting this one thing!

I wonder what it’s costing you?

Don’t worry though, it’s actually super simple to implement!

Not only do I explain this tactic in-depth in our latest video…

I also give you the exact sales-boosting formula we’ve used to increase our client’s revenue by an extra R80,000 p/month!

Here it is – Free of charge 😉

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