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What’s the one Metric most eCommerce business owners tend to neglect?
Is it your conversion rate?
Bounce rate?
Time on site?
Let me ask you this, rather.
If you had to re-engineer the checkout process…
What’s one of the most crucial things that NEED to happen
before your customer can buy something from you online?
Still struggling?
Let me tell you!
A visitor needs to add a product to their cart!
You see, the more add to carts you get…
The more people will proceed to checkout…
Simple math, right?
1000 visitors = 50 add to carts.
That’s a 5% Add to Cart Rate, by the way, a.k.a ACR.
(Which is the going benchmark.)
So, 50 add to carts = 20 initiated checkouts
20 initiated checkouts = 9 beautiful SALES!
It’s a numbers game.
But what if we didn’t have the funds to increase our numbers
a.k.a traffic?
Does that mean you have to put your store’s growth on hold?
Of course not!
That’s when you start looking at how you can improve your ACR.
So, why do we as eCommerce owners completely neglect this
Simple, because we are too fixated on the traffic….
We tend to forget everything else!
With that said…
How can you go about increasing your ACR?
Watch the video below and let me show you 🙂

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