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Proven Digital Marketing Strategies Responsible for R1BN in Sales!

Africa's Most Experienced eCommerce and Local Business Marketers

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Trusted by

100+ companies industry leaders

Trusted by

100+ companies industry leaders

And 100+ Other Companies

We’re More Than a Digital Marketing Agency, We’re Revenue Growth Specialists!

At V8 Media, we pride ourselves on having a no-fluff, revenue-driven approach.

This page will be no different.

So, let’s address the white elephant in the room.

If you’re looking for the perfect digital marketing agency…

We can save you time and tell you…

That’s not us!

Why do we say that?

Because the perfect digital marketing agency doesn’t exist. Period.

Everyone pretends to be perfect…

But that’s just lies.

Like a snowman claiming to have had a warm beach holiday.

Sure, our digital strategies have resulted in R1 Billion+ in sales for brands collectively since 2018.

But, we’re not perfect.

Far from it.


We ARE marketers with a deep understanding of business economics…

Not to mention.

Most agencies avoid accountability. 

They’re like drivers blaming the road for taking a wrong turn.

While we on the other hand, 

Are like explorers in the heart of the digital jungle, 

Cutting through vines in search of revenue growth and profitable ROAS.

That’s truly what makes us different.

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"We had an increase of revenue by over 400%!

Finally! A Digital Marketing Agency That Only Cares About 2 Things. Your Revenue and Profit!

It’s a fact that most businesses barely break even. 

Getting a business profitable is like juggling flaming torches in a windstorm.

The average online store has a net profit of 10-15%.

The average local business has a net profit of 8-12% depending on the industry. 

So, it’s safe to say that …

… running a profitable business is hard. 

It’s like playing 3D chess during an earthquake. 

But it’s possible with the right marketing strategy and guidance. 

And that’s where we come in. 

We specialise in growing topline revenue. 

Our digital marketing strategies have collectively generated over R1 Billion in sales for clients.

However, revenue doesn’t equal profit. 

That’s why we obsess over metrics like:

👉 Cost of Acquiring a Client or Customer

👉 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

👉 POAS (Profit on Ad Spend)

👉 LTV (Lifetime Value of a Customer)

👉 Gross Margins

👉 Net Margins

These metrics are like a compass pointing to your true north! 

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"Once I joined V8 Media, they just scaled it!

A Digital Marketing Agency That’s Worked With Over 300+ Brands Since 2018

After R1 Billion in sales for clients. 

And, spending over R100+ million in advertising. 

Not to mention… 

Working with over 180+ eCommerce founders. 

90+ local businesses.

And 30+ large enterprise companies… 

… It’s safe to say that we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. 

We’re like a seasoned chef, familiar with every spice.

Ready to help you cook up a storm!

Does this mean we can guarantee results? 


Unlike most agencies,

We’re not in the game of making empty promises. 

Every business is different.

But we’re a good calculated risk. 

We’re the blue-chip stock of digital marketing agencies. 

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"We've already filled all spots for next year!

Are Our Digital Marketing Services a Fit For You?

Here’s something most marketing agencies won’t tell you. 

Not every business is ready for a digital marketing agency!

Why do we say that? 

Even though marketing solves an awareness problem. 

It doesn’t always solve a revenue and profit problem. 

In fact… 

Marketing costs can actually break your business!

We’ve seen it happen many times. 

Marketing agencies desperate for business …

… promising new founders the world. 

Every month they brag about thousands of eye-balls noticing their products…

All while the founder’s bank account sinks faster than the Titanic. 

You see, it’s not just about “marketing.”

It’s about building a digital strategy that spits out profit. 

So who really benefits from our services? 


If you’re an established direct to consumer business that has:

👉 A decent market fit

👉 An amazing product or service 

👉 Healthy margins 

👉 Existing revenue of R50,000 /mo or more…

Then there is a good chance we can help you take things to a whole new level.


"We were in a pickle after lockdown. But, after V8 Media came onboard our situation has changed completely!

Industries We Specialise In as a Digital Marketing Agency

We’re not here to tell you that we can do everything. 

In fact, we believe a Jack of All Trades is a Master of None!

Most marketing agencies get paid by a client to figure things out. 

But they’re like a tourist in a foreign city without Google Maps. 

At V8 Media, we already have proven blueprints for over 20+ industries 

Not to mention … 

… millions of rands for clients in the bank as proof. 

If you’re selling something directly to consumers, there is a good chance we can help. 

Especially if you’re selling online, 

Or if you’re a local business. 

It’s simple.

Our experience reduces your risk of failure. 


'The business has grown by over 600% in 10 months, which is insane"

How We Drive Results as a Digital Marketing Agency

It’s safe to say that there is no shortage of “marketing gurus” in the world. 

Today every Gen-Z with a Instagram profile is a so called “expert” 

Agencies are popping up and closing down like whack-a-moles. 

We on the other hand have been helping companies get more bang for their digital marketing buck since 2018. 

We’re located in the heart of Johannesburg.

In the richest square mile in Africa.

With over 20+ full-time staff members.

As a team we strategically combine services like: 

👉 Meta, 

👉 Google, 

👉 Funnels, 

👉 Emails, 

👉 Copywriting, 

👉 and, AI

to help you sell more stuff to more people. 


You see… 

Digital marketing is very similar to football and rugby. 

It’s like a team! 

It’s not about one player or service. 

Sure, you can look at things like Meta Ads and Google Ads as individual players…

… but it’s how they play together that ensures the WIN!

It’s how you combine these services together that ensures your success!

And that’s our super power.


"From last year Black Friday 2019, to this year Black Friday 2020, we've seen a 600% increase in online sales. That speaks for itself!"

We Literally Wrote The Book on How to Market Your Business Online!

We absolutely love what we do!

That’s why we decided to write “The Book” on Digital Marketing!

Our book ADJUST is an “Idiot-Proof Guide to Understanding Digital Marketing” today.

The 192 pages are jam-packed with insight and practical tips that can help you grow your business online!
Best of all is!
You can download it for FREE below. 

"We started seeing results within the first month, we did!"

We’re South Africa’s Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

We don’t just do marketing. 

We live it!

It’s in our blood.

It’s injected deep into our DNA.

Over the last few years we’ve spent over R1 Million+ learning from the best business coaches in the world.

Now, we’re sharing that knowledge with everyone who’s open-minded enough to listen.



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