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Quick question.

Ever wondered how many of your visitors start the checkout process on your eCommerce store but never complete it?

It can’t be a big number, right?

Surely most of them do?

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you!

You see, there is a high probability that a huge percentage of your visitors get distracted and never get to punch in those precious 16-digits.

In fact, recent stats show, approx. 53% of your visitors (who wanted to buy a product from you) never do!

Even though they were right there!

They clicked CHECKOUT!

But they never did.

So close!

The bigger question is…

How much money are you losing every month by just sitting by and watching this happen?

Not doing anything about it?

Money is being left on the table while you are focussing on monthly sessions, ad CTR’s, impressions, etc.

Okay, so…

What’s a good checkout completion rate percentage?

Where are you currently?

Where do you need to be?

How can you improve it?


Just watch the video below and allow me to break it all down for you 🙂

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