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As an eCommerce business owner, you need to get comfortable wearing multiple hats, especially in the first few years (and your business doesn’t care if you are a hat person or not.)
You are literally responsible for every aspect of your business, and eCommerce businesses have more moving parts than a Swiss watch!
You have to face the pressure of sourcing and creating new products or face the consequences of becoming a dinosaur.
You have to learn and read up on specific skills like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, search engine optimisation, of which all might as well be written in hieroglyphs!
You have to find the time to communicate with your customers in email and blog posts to prove to them that you care or get labelled a “capitalist”!
On top of that, you need to ensure you generate a constant supply of traffic to your store and hope and pray that some of that traffic convert into much-needed sales!
So much to do and so much to remember!
We get it!
That’s why we created our new video series, “Most Common eCommerce Mistakes.”
In this series, we unpack some of the most important things eComm business owners tend to forget that is most likely costing them thousands of Rands (without them even knowing it.)
Our first video is dedicated to all the eComm owners who are consciously doing their best to drive traffic to their store but are yet to see a dent in the stack of Fastway bags they ordered with confidence a few weeks ago!

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