99% of Brands Fail to Implement These Fail-Proof Tik Tok Strategies

Enough With The Vanity Metrics‼️

A Letter of Concern


From: The Founder (Jandre de Beer)

Attention: Marketing Manager/Business Owner


After conducting thorough and extensive research within the social media marketing landscape, it's come to my attention that most social media marketing agencies romanticize likes, comments, and shares, above what we believe should be the number one metric of measure.


I understand that not every single business is desperate for leads or sales, and that brand awareness plays a key part in growing market share.

However, even though that might be true, we believe that every cent of your organisation's marketing spend should be spent with caution and should be driven by data.

This is the main reason we exist!

We propel companies forward through the use of social media advertising, however, we prefer to have our results speak for themselves.

Warm Regards

Founder and Head of Growth | Version Eight

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