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What Do You You Care About Most?


Likes and Comments? Or, Leads and Sales?



When it comes to social media marketing, most social media agencies focus on vanity metrics like page likes, comments and shares. 


We, however, prefer to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your business, your bottom-line! 


Due to the fact that we want to be a strategic partner, rather than a digital agency, we tend to focus on the cost per lead, the sale and the lifetime value of a customer. 


Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is not for socialising anymore! It's become a platform to grow your business and market share!


That's why consider ourselves a Bottom-Line Agency!




Several Happy Clients and Counting...

And Many More!



We Are Known For Generating Results When It Comes to Social Media Marketing!






Would you believe us if we said one of our clients made over R300,000 profit from their Facebook and Instagram Ads? 


Our client, Stock Market College (SMC) spend approx. R48,000 on Facebook and Instagram leads ads over a period of 30 Days. 


Our team of social media experts managed to generate 121 leads for SMC and the company managed to convert 11 out of the 121 leads into paying customers. 


This translated into over R380,000!



Here’s Another Paid 

Social Media Advertising Case Study!





Our client Optimum Nutrition generated R56,182 in 30 days. 


Our advertising spend was only R6,881. 


Our team of Facebook and Instagram marketing experts generated 44 sales in 1 month with a very small budget and managed to showcase a 9X Return on their social media advertising spend! 


Wouldn’t you want to make R9 back for every R1 you spend?


And Another 10x Return On Ad Spend 

In 13 Days For One Of Our Clients!





Our client Meat The Farmer spent a total of R2,719 in 13 Days Our Digital Marketing experts managed to generate 31 sales and a return of R26,500! 


Each sale cost us R87,71 and the average order value was R855! 


Still wondering whether social media is a profitable advertising channel?



Maybe You Do Not Own An E-Commerce Store? 

That’s Okay, We Are Good At Generating Leads Too!




In order to sell a service, you need leads, and if your business is dependent on high-quality leads, then you are at the right place.


Our social media gurus have helped one of our clients called C The World generated over 850 leads in a single month.


With a R20,000 budget, we managed to lower their lead cost from R149 on average to R23,97.



What Some Of Our Client's Have to Say 

About Our Social Media Marketing Services


We couldn't care less about shares and likes, we care about one thing only! 




What an amazing marketing team to work with. Version Eight has helped us grow as a business so much and are always there to give us advice and help us in the right direction. I would highly recommend their online marketing services to anyone wanting to grow their business. It is just a pleasure to work with such an amazing bunch of people.



Zandri Wiggett

Founder - Meat The Farmer 

I have worked with V8 Media for many months. They are by far the most professional and up to date digital agency on social media marketing and content marketing trends. The passion and enthusiasm that V8 has for digital marketing far exceeds any agency I have ever dealt with before - Keep up the fantastic work!



Lisa Schneider

Managing Director - Trifocus Fitness Academy

A fantastic team who bring passion, insights, knowledge, creativity and a fresh perspective to every collaboration. Partnering with V8 has meant only positive things for our digital marketing approach, they take an active interest in each project and are always two steps ahead of the latest technologies, trends and initiatives.



Saiesh Ajudiya

Marketing Manager - Tony Ferguson 

Ask Yourself, 

Do You Want Us Working For You? 

Or Your Competitors?



Now that you understand the power of social media advertising and what we can help you achieve, we would love to see how we can do the same for your business!


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How Much Do Our Social Media 

Paid Advertising Services Cost?

In order to determine an accurate quote, we might need a bit more information regarding your business. 


However, below is a basic pricing model and cost structure when it comes to our social media paid advertising services.

Social Media Budgets 

Under R15,000


Companies with smaller 

social media and digital marketing ad budgets.


R 4,700


R3,500 Set Up Fee (Once Off)

Creation of Ad Creative Included 

Monthly Reporting and Insights

Social Media Budgets 

Up to R40,000


Companies with medium-sized 

social media and digital marketing ad budgets.


30% Management Fee


R3,500 Set Up Fee (Once Off)

Creation of Ad Creative Included 

Monthly Reporting and Insights

Social Media Budgets 

Up To R80,000


Companies with larger 

social media and digital marketing ad budgets.


25% Management Fee


R5,000 Set Up Fee (Once Off)

Creation of Ad Creative Included 

Monthly Reporting and Insights

Social Media Budgets 

From R80,000 And Up


Companies with enterprise 

social media and digital marketing ad budgets.


20% Management Fee


R5,000 Set Up Fee (Once Off)

Creation of Ad Creative Included 

Monthly Reporting and Insights

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