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Search Engine Optimisation is DEAD!

Here is What You Should Be Focussing On Instead.

Don't get us wrong, a good SEO agency can still help you increase your traffic.

However, an increase in traffic is not necessarily going to boost your sales!

This is what most SEO companies don't understand.

It's all about ensuring that the right keywords improve in rankings, the keywords that actually drive revenue and sales!

This is the main reason why our clients are smiling ear to ear!

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We Don't Want to Boost Your Traffic; We Want to Boost Your Sales!

Did you know that the main difference between your company and some of the fastest growing companies in South Africa is the ability to generate quality leads?

Ask yourself, how would your business change if you could generate high-quality leads daily?

Our business is the perfect example of this, and our client's testimonials speak for themselves!

You see 15, million South Africas use Google and other search engines on a monthly basis to find products and services that match their needs, products and services exactly like yours.

This is why it's suicide to ignore SEO, and it's even worse to pick the wrong SEO company because that's just money poured down the drain.

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Here's how the way we do Search Engine Optimisation can jam-up your inbox with ready to buy leads!

Over the last few months, we've come to realize that most SEO agencies have it all wrong.

Most search engine optimisation agencies just focus on improving random keywords, and usually, the easiest ones that drive no results.

At the end of every month, you get a beautiful report that is packed with all kinds of green arrows showing an improvement in rankings, but yet you wonder, where are all the sales?

And that is where we come in, and below is what we do differently.

Step 1:
Launch an SEO Audit

In order to understand where we are going, we need to determine where we are.

This is why we perform a thorough and in-depth search engine optimisation audit on all our clients.

During this process, we crawl your entire website ensuring that we understand where your website is falling short in obeying Google's and other search engines 200+ ranking factors.

This will provide us with clarity in determining what needs to be done in order to crush your competitors.

Step 2:
Find Profitable Keywords

As mentioned before, it's not just about improving keywords, it's about ensuring we improve the rankings of keywords that truly drive results.

Knowing this, the next step would be to find these keywords while working on a strategy to increase their overall rankings and performance.

At the same time, we take a look under the hood of your competitors to determine which keywords they are ranking for while uncovering their most sophisticated strategies.


Step 3:
Cook Up an SEO Strategy

With the above information at our disposal, we shift over to the drawing board and proceed in cooking up a strategy that's not only going to help you boost your overall traffic and revenue, but also crush your competition!

A strategy like this takes time, however, we guarantee keyword improvements in the first 90 days!

That is how confident we are in our search engine optimisation strategists!

Step 4:
Sucess Assessment

Unlike most agencies, we do not have a set it and forget it approach to SEO.

At the end of every month we measure the success of our efforts in order to determine if what we are doing is working or not.

After collecting the necessary data, we adjust our search engine optimisation efforts allowing us to move closer towards our main objective; generating more leads and sales.

What Our Client's Have to Say

Personal Professional Powerful! I recommend V8 Media to anyone needing to increase sales!

Dwayn SmithSales Director at Stock Market College

V8 Media are fantastic to work with. They are professional and hard working. They are great executors of a digital strategy, and work hard to achieve a brand's goals.

Mary BusschauMarketing Co-ordinator at SPARK Schools

Excellent customer service, Great ROI. Will highly recommend to anyone!

Benno CoetzeeDirector at C The World