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TikTok is a social media platform that is booming between users of all ages.

By understanding TikTok Analytics, you would be able to engage with your audience and adjust your marketing strategies to better your chances of viewers engaging with your content.

The first thing that is important in using TikTok analytics is making sure that you have a Pro account.

You can easily switch your existing tiktok account to a Pro account by changing it in your “Manage My Account” settings folder.

The three types of analytics which will be the most helpful in your research are:

  1. Overview Analytics
  2. Content Analytics
  3. Followers Analytics

Now, don’t laugh at my stats please, keep in mind I’m not really a TikTok fan in terms of a content creator 🙂

The purpose of this exercise is solely to show you what you can do and what insight you can pull from Tik Tok as a business.

Tiktok Overview Analytics

The default setting for overview analytics gives you data captured for the last 7 days, if you would like a broader amount of data you can change it to be set at 28 days.

This section presents to you your total video views, profile views and your followers.

Your total video views can be thought of as your total number of impressions.

You will be able to estimate how many people are watching your videos and whether or not you have gained a consistent amount of views over the past month.

Similarly, your profile views will indicate to you how many people were interested in visiting your profile and whether or not that interest is growing or becoming stagnant.

So, when you look at your amount of followers and how this number has changed during a 28-Day period, you can pinpoint which of your videos are bringing people in.

Remember, even if a video goes viral that does not directly correlate with a spike in followers, so you really want to look at these three components side by side and see how your audience is behaving in terms of your content.

Tiktok Content Analytics

Under the contents tab, you will find both your video posts and trending videos. For your video posts, you’ll find all the videos you’ve posted for the last 7 days accompanied by the number of views each video received.

Underneath this, you’ll find your trending videos.

These are the important ones because these are the videos that are getting views.

Take notice of your videos that are trending and see if you can identify any commonalities between them.

For example, these could be things such as quality of lighting or perhaps it’s the sense of humour that was used.

Anything that could tie these videos together.

TikTok Followers Analytics

Under the last tab you will find a collection of information about your followers including the potential increase or decrease of followers over a set period of time, what their gender is, where they live, when they are most active on TikTok and what other sounds and videos they have taken an interest in.

It’s much easier for you to keep track of your followers if you are checking in week by week.

You are also able to gauge what percentage of your audience is male or female, this is beneficial information because it can help you monitor whether or not this falls in line with your target audience.

In terms of the Top Territories, you will be able to decipher the location of your audience by country, and whether or not you are only reaching a more local audience or if you are going global.

However, your follower activity might be the most helpful. This is because if you are able to identify when your audience is most active, you can decide on an appropriate time to post- which would be an hour or two before the activity spikes.

Be sure to understand this though because times do differ across accounts, there is no set time that will work for every kind of account.

Lastly, by looking at what other videos your followers are watching and listening to, you can understand what kind of content they find to be the most enjoyable.

So from what other videos look like or the songs being used in them you can adjust your content accordingly.

Keep in mind that if you aren’t familiar with the songs being listened to, you always want to listen to the audio once through, before you begin recording.

This is just to make sure that you’re aware of any obscenities which may be present in the music.

In conclusion, understanding TikTok analytics is very beneficial for any business which is looking to gain an audience from that platform. It helps you stay current and also show a fun side to your brand.

Some Examples of Brands Currently Killing it on TikTok

Red Bull


fact: it’s impossible *not* to do the dance no matter what you’re doing when you hear this - tell us we’re wrong 🤷‍♂️ ##redbull ##givesyouwings ##skate

♬ Cha Cha Slide - CDM Project



They say he’s still unsure to this day ##chipotle ##fyp ##comedy

♬ original sound - chipotle



@morganrmoroney has taken the ##handstandchallenge into her own hands!🤸‍♀️ ##gymshark ##gymnast

♬ Hips Dont Lie by Shakira - goalsounds



Just Crocin’ with our peeps ✌️ ##PEEPSxCROCS available now in Crocs retail stores!

♬ original sound - crocs

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