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For a while now Facebook has been looking at expanding their list of services available to users and with the COVID-19 pandemic underway, now is the perfect time to do so.

Facebook has launched what they are calling “Facebook Shops” which is an easy way for users to stock up on all kinds of items- and an even better way for businesses to make their products available for their consumers.

The best part is, that no matter the size of your business, Facebook Shops will be free and available to everyone.

Easy To Use Extensions – Available Soon

They are working to make this new extension easy to use, whereby businesses can select items from their catalogues and match it with the colour scheme and cover photo that best represents their brand.

With the help of Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube and Feedonomics, Facebook will look at providing qualified businesses, who are already using the Instagram Profile shops, with a link to what will be known as a “Shop Builder” platform, which allows you to automatically upload your existing catalogue or upload available products one-by-one.

Making it As Easy As Possible to Manage Your Store

The idea is to make this process as easy as possible for both the business and the user and will be made available on both Facebook and Instagram, however, as it is still a work in progress it will not be available to everyone right away.

Facebook will make sure that as it gains popularity and a stable foundation, they will broaden the horizon for everyone.

There’s still more to come though as Facebook will make it possible for customers to easily message businesses via messenger, Instagram Direct and even Whatsapp, in order to get eCommerce options flowing as naturally as possible.

Live Video Functionality

In addition to this feature, Facebook will also be launching a live video feed function whereby businesses and influencers can tag the products they are actually talking about, which allows consumers to just tap on the product to visit the shop.

Loyalty Programs For Your Customers and Fans

Plus, they are also testing customer loyalty programs in order to make it easier for small and medium businesses to start building that online relationship with their consumer base and help them reach their targets more precisely.

While it’s still a work in progress, the idea is to eventually work from having to filter your searches from home to beauty to gardening to eventually being able to access Facebook Shops in one just tap.

Although Facebook may have struggled initially with all their eCommerce ventures, the global lockdown has really pushed them to kickstart something which is necessary for both businesses and users.

So, we can expect some technical difficulties until it’s running smoothly.

This is something that Facebook expects to run in the long-term though since it makes it easier for people to just purchase something quickly before they forget- as customers aren’t as eager to just pop into the shops these days- and once consumers learn how easy it is, the popularity will grow and stabilise.

So what could this mean for a business?

Think about how many Facebook users are active today.

Facebook predicts its fan base to be around 3 billion active users.

Which means that once businesses sign on and create attention around what is offered, the only thing to worry about will be functionality in terms of online payments, which they are already working on.

Easier to Expand Your Horizons

Basically, once Facebook can ensure that this is an easy and accessible platform for businesses to use, this could have a massive impact on how people engage with online shopping.

They are also looking at how they can adjust Facebook Marketplace to work hand in hand with Facebook Shops to ensure a problem-free experience.

In summary of what this could potentially mean for users and businesses alike, Facebook Shops is a new and exciting platform that could be advantageous for everyone.

For Companies of All Sizes

It’s also so beneficial for businesses of all sizes because you won’t have to spend large amounts of money trying to make sure you have a platform that can deliver your products to your consumers, it’s really just as simple as building on an already existing Facebook page.

What we are now looking at won’t just have an impact on businesses but also an immediate impact on the online marketplace.

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