Best Ways to Build Your Direct Marketing Communication Channel

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Last week we talked about why building a direct marketing communication channel like email, SMS, What’s App, or Facebook Messenger is one of the best ways to drive a return on investment when it comes to your digital marketing.

This week I want to shift focus to how you can go about doing what we discussed in part 1.

That’s right, this week we are going to look at some of the best ways you can grow your direct communication channel that will allow you to strengthen the connection with your prospects while increasing the odds of doing repeat business with your customers.


Doing a giveaway is by far, one of the most effective ways to capture information like emails, contact numbers, and more.

If you are an online apparel store, for example, you can put a pair of shoes up for grabs.

People who want to stand a chance to win the pair of shoes will have to leave their details to be notified about whether they are the lucky winner or not.

The above is crucial; you should always have a sound reason for asking for personal information.

If your reasoning is weak or sounds like you are just asking for information so that you can send everyone promotional offers now and then, then your list building initiative will end up a massive failure.

The value of the giveaway should be equal to the amount of information you are asking someone.

What I mean by this is that if you want more information from someone, you will have to increase the value of your offering in order to incentivise them to leave more feedback.


A giveaway is a great way to create awareness around your brand; however, the problem is most companies fall short when it comes to its execution.

Most companies post a photo on Facebook and then ask all their followers to like and share the post; this is probably the worst way to go about doing a social media giveaway!

First of all, the competition should always be hosted on a website, and the main objective should always be to drive as many people possible to the webpage.

On the webpage, you can clearly articulate the rules and regulations of the competition while visitors have the chance to learn more about your brand.

All visitors will then be requested to fill in their personal information as well, which is how you are going to grow your direct marketing communication channel.

Don’t have a website?

Well, then we suggest using software tools like or ViralSweep; these tools will help you create a giveaway in minutes and will provide you with a link on where the competition will be hosted which you can promote on social media.

Lastly, you will have to spend money on your giveaway if you are serious about driving results, the only time it’s not necessary is if you have a large following on social media.

Very few people will see your competition organically unless your following is over 50,000 followers; this is why allocating a budget to your giveaway is so crucial.


Free Audits or eBooks 

Let’s face it; if you are a business that sells products and services to other companies, then a giveaway might not always be the most practical idea.

In that case, I would suggest you look at offering something that’s just as exciting, and that would require someone offering up their personal information in exchange for the value similar to the giveaway.

Things like free audits, free consultation sessions, or an eBook will suffice in getting your target audience excited while justifying the need for someone’s contact details.

After all, how are you going to send an eBook to someone if you do not have their email address?

Or, how are you going to confirm a booking for a consultation session without someone’s contact number?

Do you see what I mean?

Keep in mind, getting your target audience excited is the easy part; however, delivering enough value to the extent that someone trusts and would want to do business with your brand is not that easy!


Fail to deliver real value and your whole direct marketing communicaiton initiative will fail.

If someone is providing you with their personal information, it’s up to you to ensure you use it ethically by presenting them with straight-up value that’s going to help them change their lives or business, however, more on this in next week’s article.

Doing so is the only way you will be able to build trust and credibility under your target market and direct marketing list and trust me; this will lead to more business!

One way to you add the value is to ensure you have a strategic email sequence in place that triggers automatically every time someone joins your list.

See below on how we’ve structur most of our email sequences.



Yip, believe it or not, quizzes work like a bomb!

In the beginning, I was also a bit confused to why it worked so well; however, after a while, I found the answer.

Humans are curious and competitive creatures.

We want to know everything and most of us want to learn how we match up compared to others.

With that said, it’s difficult to resist a quiz that says, “Find out What Game of Thrones Character Best Represents Your Personality.”

Everyone that has watched and enjoyed Game of Thrones is going to want to find out which character they match up with, not to mention that they are going to want to share it with our friends to determine if their character is better or worse than theirs.


Because that’s just human nature, and as marketers, we need to understand and use this to our advantage.

Let’s say that you were at a point where you were considering advertising your services online, would you be able to resist a quiz that said, “Do You Really Need a Digital Marketing Agency?”

If you are a weight loss brand, a quiz could say, “Find Out Why You Are Struggling to Lose Weight.”

People who are trying to lose weight are going to find it hard to resist this type of quiz because it’s a huge pain point for them.

Having these individuals answer a few questions you will be able to add real value to their lives by providing them with the necessary insights they’ve been looking for, not to mention that you will be growing a list of highly valuable and targeted prospects!

Are you starting to get an idea of what I mean by quizzes can be quite powerful?

When it comes to the post-value sequence, it’s very similar to the eBook strategy, however, you will have to be careful when it comes to bridging the conversation from a quiz’s questions to the end result which is you adding strategic value that can lead to a new customer.


Size is Not Everything 

And there you have it, three powerful ways to help you build and grow your direct marketing communication channel. 

Keep in mind, it’s not the size of the list that matters, but how you use it. 

What I mean by this is that, when I had my first internet business, I made the mistake of thinking that the more people I have in my email list, the better. 

Even though that is true to an extent, how you use your list is ten times more important as that is what is going to determine whether you generate revenue from it or not. 

Every week I used to send a standard newsletter to 60,000 people and do you know how much revenue we made back on each newsletter? 


Thinking size mattered was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made! 

Today our email list consists of approx. 3,000 marketers and business owners, even though it’s 20 times smaller, we are making a decent amount of revenue from it every month!

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