Tips For Marketing On LinkedIn

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Tips For Marketing On LinkedIn


When you think about marketing on social media platforms, you will likely think of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Marketing on LinkedIn can be just as effective, especially if you are looking to build strong business to business (B2B) brand credibility. LinkedIn has seen incredible growth over the past few years and now has around 500 million users. A number definitely worth taking note of. While only half of these users are considered active on the platform, LinkedIn is still the most popular platform for professional networking. LinkedIn offers an effective strategy for reaching out to important decision makers in various businesses. LinkedIn also offers a much higher lead generation conversion rate than other popular platforms. Businesses are gradually starting to realise the value of LinkedIn as a B2B marketing tool and are implementing new and effective LinkedIn marketing strategies into their marketing campaigns.


LinkedIn marketing strategies that you should be using to grow your business


To make the most out of your LinkedIn account and to help grow your business, consider the following 6 strategies that you can use to help grow your business:


1. Create a profile that stands out from competitors


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Creating a profile that stands out from competitors is the first step in building your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Providing the basic information like experience is not enough when creating your profile, you need to take it further by including information on your skills and expertise in your industry because this is what LinkedIn users are interested in and generally search for. Develop your profile in such a way that all these aspects are highlighted. As a business you should also be including information about the solutions that you offer and the expertise that you have to offer. Focus on giving clear descriptions so that your business will stand out against others. By optimizing your content, you will also be improving on your SEO.


2. Be willing to put in the work


To really stand out on LinkedIn you need to be willing to put in the time and the effort. Make a point of uploading interesting and engaging content as often as possible. Develop content that displays your expertise and grabs the attention of your market. While uploading your own content is important, it is just as important to engage with content that others in your network have uploaded. Like, comment and share the content as a means to build a relationship. This can help with your overall lead generation strategy. Don’t sit around and wait for businesses and individuals to come to you, be proactive and approach them first by starting conversations. Offer some kind of value to your network so that they will want to do business with you.


3. Build a network of quality connections



It’s important to build a network of quality connections. Quality over quantity will help you reap more benefits in the long-term. It’s worth following the 80/20 principle when developing your network on LinkedIn. You should aim to have 80% of your network made up of profiles that are relevant to your business, and the other 20% made up of influencers and individuals that have large followings that can help boost your profile to their extensive network.


4. Be part of the group



If you want to reach larger networks, then it is worth being part of different LinkedIn groups. Develop a presence so that more people will notice you. There are so many different groups on LinkedIn, so it is worth searching for and joining groups that are relevant to your business. This way you will connect with like-minded individuals that you can share knowledge and expertise with. It will also offer you the benefit of receiving information on trends happening in your industry. Other than just joining groups, you could even consider starting your own group.


5. Build relationships


Marketing is about building lasting relations, and LinkedIn marketing is no different. Reach out to your target audience and build relationships with them. LinkedIn offers you the ability to research ideal targets. You can even filter your results to narrow the results even further.


6. Optimize your marketing strategy with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions



Through LinkedIn Marketing Solutions you can optimize your marketing strategy. LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is continuously being developed so it worth researching the various tools that are offered. With all the improvements that have been made to the LinkedIn advertising solutions, you can promote your brand by placing regular LinkedIn ads, text ads, retargeting ads and even sponsored Inmail messages to name a few. LinkedIn has a lot to offer so do your research.


A few extra tips for making the most out of LinkedIn

  • Increase your visibility on the platform by tagging relevant people in your industry.
  • Make use of hashtags as this will help to increase your discoverability.
  • Develop valuable content that gets your message across effectively.
  • Consider offering content that addresses issues that other people have.
  • LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising options that you should use to reach larger audiences.
  • Always network in order to increase your visibility.
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