Time to Rethink Your Paid Search Strategy…

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The Online World Changes Daily

In today’s world, most brands and businesses are starting to catch up with the existence and power of online marketing.

Knowing this, we are confident that your business is one of those!

So, the next question would be, how does your paid media strategy look like?

Well, we know it’s not as easy as setting and forgetting a campaign, and that is the main reason I’m wrote this blog post.

Below are some mistakes you need to avoid at all costs if you want to ensure you receive the best bang for buck!

1. Using Cost per Click as Your Sole Bidding or Not Determining?

Yes, it should be a factor, however not the single factor.

You need to think of this is as an auction.

Moreover, like with all auctions, the bidder price determines the selling price.

So naturally, there would be a few questions to ask:

  • Are you guiding your searcher through a logical and straightforward path in terms of the ad copy and messaging, and do you have compelling calls to action on your landing pages?
  • Make sure the cost of the phrase is high because most competitors have deep pockets and a reliable brand name to support their ads?
  • Is the cost of this particular phrase high since it’s highly competitive?
  • Is the math work in my conversion rate good enough?

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2. Only Measuring Your Campaign Success on Your overall Return on Ad Spend?

This is a simple trap to fall into.

Yes, ROAS may be the most straightforward calculation you can make when reporting on results.

Which is simply the calculation of what you made verse what you spent, and depending on the campaign, it may seem to tell the whole story in one simple equation.

Well, especially in an eCommerce campaign.

Remember, at times the immediate conversion isn’t the point of an ad.

Sometimes your success metric is getting a searcher added to your remarketing list so you can nurture them towards ultimately choosing you.

Far too many PPC campaigns fail because of those who set them up.

Men are using a calculator to analyze the cost of a credit card.

3. Are You Spending Your Entire Paid Media Budget on Text-Based PPC Ads?

Trust us; it’s time to stop!


Well, because searches are great for responding to the demand, however, they will not help you build it?

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4. Do you measure Your Program’s Success on Impressions & Clicks?

Measure impressions and clicks to add context to a comprehensive analysis that includes more important success metrics like post-click activity and conversions.

It’s a fabulous way to go because you need additional context to both these metrics; otherwise, there is really nothing actionable with that data.

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5. Sending Every Single Paid Search Ad to the Home Page?

Sending a bit of traffic to the home page has never been a bad idea unless if it’s utterly irrelevant to the searcher.

Ensure that the ad copy makes an explicit promise to that searcher, and remember, whatever your ad copy promises; your landing page needs to deliver.

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