6 Things Most Digital Marketing Agencies Will Never Tell You

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That The Standard Digital Marketing Strategy is Just Not Profitable Anymore

Running paid traffic to a product that costs less than $100 or R1500 (if you are South African like us) is unfortunately not that profitable anymore, and most agencies will avoid telling you this because they are most likely desperate for business.

Even if it were profitable today, your success would be short-lived because of one reason only. Your competitors are stampeding into the digital space, and today, everyone is competing for attention on Google Search as well as social feeds, which in turn forces the price of a click on your ad to increase.

If the price of a click increases, so does the cost of the sale!

However, it doesn't mean that you should not advertise on the internet, it just means that you need an agency that can think outside the box, one that can help you craft innovative strategies that are actually proven to be profitable.

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That Your Business Might Not be a Fit For Them

Due to the competitive nature of our industry, the chances are, if you have an additional need, you will always hear "Yes we can do it no doubt", or "Yes, we have someone that can do that for you" answer.

I can't tell you how much business we've turned away since we've been up and running as an agency. It's not that we don't want or need the business; it's mainly because of the fact that the client's objectives are not in line with our strengths as a company.

Knowing this, often we would recommend or refer business to another agency who we believe would be a better fit for the prospect.

V8 Media prides itself in only working with companies it truly believes it can add value to. The moment we feel your objectives are not in line with our strengths, we refer you to someone better suited.

You Are Too Romantic About Your Marketing Ideas

There is a high probability that you have a good idea on how to go about marketing your business. However, that doesn't always mean it's practical or profitable when it comes to the digital realm.

Often, I would have to tell a business owner that the idea that they've had the whole year is most likely not going to work because of the dynamic environment we operate in.

Most agencies are way too scared to tell you that your idea might not be best suited to internet marketing because the last thing they want to do is offend you and have you take your money somewhere else.

We believe that transparency is critical, and it's our job to be brutally honest when it comes to ideas and strategies clients present. Now, this doesn't mean that we always know better. But, because we have numerous clients across various industries, we have a good idea of what is currently working and what is not.

That You Will Be Better Off Not Hiring an Agency

The above is something you will probably never hear coming from a digital agency. However, the reality is, sometimes you are better off not hiring an online marketing company.

Small companies are sometimes better off hiring a freelancer or investing in upskilling a staff member, rather than hiring an agency.

Now, digital marketing is the same; you use different platforms and strategies based on the objective of your business.

Like hunting, you don't always need the most powerful gun to hunt something small, the same way you don't always need to biggest and baddest software tools, and overcomplicated strategies.

In these cases, you are sometimes better of hiring a freelancer or investing in your own staff.

That Likes and Comments Are Useless

Yes, it's nice to see that people are engaging with your brand or business, however, having a 1000 likes on a post is not going to help you cover the rent at the end of the month.

This is why likes and comments are useless, and the bottom-line, LEADS and SALES should always be the number one KPI. We understand, in some cases, it's not always possible.

However, we find that agencies over romanticise likes and comments.

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That Your Product or Service is Just Not Good Enough

In the beginning stages of our agency, we said yes to every single client that wanted to promote their business as long as they had the funds to pay for it.

This quickly put us in a predicament where we were selling products and services that just weren't good enough.

In turn, it made our lives really difficult because we ended up struggling to meet client expectations and sales targets.

We've learnt the hard way that getting the word out about a product is the easy part; getting people to understand the value and getting them to open their wallets, well, that is another story.

Most agencies just don't have the courage to tell you that your product or service is just not unique or sexy enough, and I mean, you can't blame them, they are also just looking for a sale to meet those revenue targets.

With us, on the other hand, we've learned that it's better, to be honest, and upfront than to pretend like the product is better than sliced bread.

Creating an image where the product or service is a lot better than it truly is is just not a profitable long-term strategy.

Customers will inevitably find out about the flaws in your products, and they will crucify your business for it. This is why we provide honest and transparent feedback about what we think of your product or service as well as your business model.

And there you have it, six things most digital marketing agencies will most likely never tell you! Now, make sure next time you are hiring an agency that you consider the above and ask the hard questions necessary to find the best fit for your business.

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