The Importance of Creating Quick, Consumable Marketing Videos with Sean Wilson-Smith | Ep #16

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I sat down with Sean Wilson-Smith, the founder of VIDR, to talk about content creation and what creating content means for your business.

VDIR has revolutionized content creation by making it affordable and accessible by making use of iPhones and iPads.

What makes video different from other content, and is it important?


Video is the most consumed content on the internet today that alone tells us how important it is.

The thing that makes the video stand out is that it depicts real life, which enables the viewer to have an emotional connection with the content they are consuming.

Video content allows you to gain as much information as possible and make a choice about how you want to feel, and as a result, we find that people make better choices.

What to Consider Before Making Your Video

What is your USP?


You want to be sure that you are aware of your unique selling point, in terms of what your company stands for and what you are offering.

What are the pain points?


By understanding what your customers’ pain points are, you begin to identify how exactly you want to market your product or service to keep them interested.

You can achieve this by proposing open-ended questions that get people thinking.

Listen to your customers!


Be aware of what your market is telling you, and you might even begin to understand what it is that they could be looking for when engaging with your content.

Choose your platform


The platform you choose makes a big difference in how your script and your message would be determined.

Therefore, you want to make sure that your message is bold and exciting enough to grab the viewer’s intention in 2 seconds.

The statistics associated with video marketing show that over 90% of people lose interest after 10 seconds, which is why the first 2 seconds are so important.

Also, you may want to avoid starting a video with your logo unless you already have a decent amount of traction.

Keep in mind; all these factors depend on who and what you are as a brand.

The most common mistake people make is putting all their budget into one video, which is a few minutes long and using it continuously.

Instead, consider making bite-sized videos with lots of content. Ideally, you want a video to be 15 seconds.

By using the same budget to have many different short videos, you could say you are not only grabbing and retaining your customers’ attention, but you are also building credibility.

How do you find the balance between quality vs quantity?


VIDR is right in the middle of cinematics, and user-generated content.

When people focus too much on cinematics, meaning the production quality of a video, they find that it results in a loss of focus with the audience.

Be mindful of what you want to do and what your audience likes.

You may even find that some audiences prefer user-generated content, so be authentic.

You may also want to consider breaking the fourth wall with your audience and giving them a behind the scenes look at what your business does in the office.

Think of it as a fun way to further build your relationship with your customers by showing them that you’re more than just a brand, so play around by posting stories on your different social media platforms!

VIDR uses the same amount of time it would take to produce a 2-minute video and instead gives their clients 10 or 20 edits, which is much more valuable for your budget.

What advice would you give SMEs on doing it themselves?


  1. If you’re going to do it, do it and be consistent!
  2. Know your messaging.
  3. Know who you are talking to.
  4. Know what tone you are going to use- do you want to be yourself, or do you want to be a character?
  5. Be comfortable in front of the camera! Don’t focus on the haters; concentrate on the content.

Important fundamentals:


Ensure you know what your camera does and test everything- from lighting to your audio.

Do not be afraid to experiment.

Remember, if your content provides value to your customers and they can connect to it on an emotional level, they most likely won’t mind the appearance of the video.

Final thoughts:


Keep going! Do not be afraid to take out your phone and start recording!

If you are struggling and need help, ask for it.

Do not be scared to look for a mentor and someone who can guide you on your journey.

Another big mistake that businesses make is thinking that their marketing budget should all go into creating content, but you need to be mindful of what happens after you have the content.

Roughly 20%-30% of your budget is for creating content, and 70%-80% is to get the content out there.

So, always be mindful of how much of your budget you have available to make content.



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