How ‘Slender You’ Went From 0 to R5m in Online Sales (in a Recession) with Greg Tinkler | Ep #12

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How does a company move from R0 to making almost R5 million during a recession?

In Episode 12 of the Marketing Fix Show, I sat down with Greg Tinkler, the creator of Slender You, to discuss just that.

Firstly, the mistake that most businesses make when it comes to branding is releasing a product and hoping that the customers will follow.

Instead, you should be putting a face to your brand and releasing products based on your customers.

Once you understand your customer, you become aware of their needs and moving forward, you can build a community or what we like to call, a tribe.

By doing this, you create an ecosystem where people can freely interact with your product.

How Did Slender You Find the Edge in a Competitive Environment



When it comes to marketing, nothing comes without trial and error.

Having learned from past mistakes, you can focus on making everything about your product experience.

For example, making the packaging enticing enough that people want to post it on social media.



Unless you are appealing to a specific niche, there is a big chance that most people will not understand your carefully crafted inside joke.

Instead be clear about what your product is, what it does and how it can solve a problem.

Do not treat your customer as a once-off transaction.


Having a relationship with your customers encourages them to keep purchasing your product. B

y personalising the journey to suit your customer’s needs shows them that you have a genuine interest in how their experience has been.

One way you could do this is by sending follow-up emails as a form of customer support.



Yes. There will always be a space for traditional marketing.

Though, when it comes to being an SME, digital marketing is the best way to go.

Keep in mind, everything can be measured, and the data which you collect makes it easier for you to make predictions about your product.



Yes. There will always be a space for traditional marketing.

Though, when it comes to being an SME, digital marketing is the best way to go.

Keep in mind, everything can be measured, and the data which you collect makes it easier for you to make predictions about your product.

Which digital marketing strategies worked best?


You can think of social media and Google as a platform that you rent.

Essentially, you pay for a space to communicate with your customers, where the rules for a platform can instantly change and leave you searching for an alternative.

However, owning your own data is like buying a house.

Having your own email list puts you in direct contact with your customer, where you can relay your message without any added expense.

Consider using Facebook ads in Messenger or using Instagram as a funnel to draw your leads to your landing page.

This is where they could sign up to be a part of your email list.

The most important thing about having an email list is remembering that you cannot just spam people whenever you want.

Therefore, understand the pain points of your customer at any given time, so that you are only sending out information that is of value to them.

If your content resonates with your customer, they begin to look forward to receiving it.

Is it worth it to budget for a mega influencer?


Having a celebrity be the face of a product is a lot like having a billboard- it is nice to have, and if you can afford it, why not experiment?

This is an excellent way for you to create brand awareness.

However, the truth is, when you hire a celebrity to endorse a product, people already know that they are being paid to talk about it.

By using many nano influencers, who are people who have already tried your product and want to advocate for it, you become authentic.

What Slender You has discovered is that you can build a relationship with an influencer, where you do not have to pay them.

Instead, they offer each of their influencers their own personalised discount code, which their followers can use.

In return, the influencer would earn some commission on their post.

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What are some insights that have worked beside the ones mentioned?


Slender You has gone about the testing scarcity of a product by making it available for a limited time.

By doing this, people feel as though they might miss out if they do not make a purchase at the deadline.

This has proved to be 50% more effective than having a product available all year round because it makes the product feel exclusive.

What else should people include on their websites or social channels?


Social proof!

Including testimonials, reviews or pictures on the forefront of your page shows that your brand is authentic and trustworthy.

A big reason a Facebook community page is such a great idea for any business owner is that it is full of social proof.

In conclusion, as an SME that is starting out do not neglect the power of digital marketing.

Social media gives you an upper hand in the fact that you will always be able to identify where things are going wrong for your marketing campaigns.

Also, continue to work on building an email list.

When it comes to hiring an influencer, you do not have to go big, but consider what your goal is.

Lastly, always encourage your customers to leave reviews or share testimonials, it allows new customers to feel like you are a brand they could trust.



Greg Tinkler’s Instagram: @Greg_Tinkler

Slender You Website: www.slenderyou.co.za

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