Drive More Leads and Sales Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots with Gilbert Kumpukwe | Ep #11

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In today’s podcast we are addressing how you can use Facebook Messenger Chatbots to drive more leads and sales.

What is a chatbot?


A chatbot is like an automated assistant that helps you reach your intended goal.

What is the difference between a ChatBot and Facebook Messenger?


Typically, chatbots are used for customer service in instances where you have questions or queries and are usually found on an app or website.

Whereas, Facebook Messenger Chatbots would be exclusively on Facebook and strive to nurture the relationships you have with your consumers.


What are the benefits of using Facebook Messenger Chatbots?


Not only does using Facebook messenger create a direct marketing channel from you to your consumer, but it also creates a more private ecosystem which many social media users look for.

They do not want to feel as though their data is being collected and they are being targeted for a certain message, in addition, a closed ecosystem means no distractions.

This means that you are delivering your message right to your consumer and you can be sure they will see it.

This also allows for more conversational marketing which is becoming more popular by the day.

What is the best way to go about setting up a chatbot?


There are two ways you can approach using Facebook messenger Chatbots.

By making use of a tool, such as ManyChat, you will be able to set up a bot according to what your goal is.

Fortunately, ManyChat is a very robust tool, so there are few limitations to what you can do.

How it usually works is you would pay a fee which directly correlates with how many people are subscribed to you.

For example, $10 for every 500 subscribers.

Alternatively, you can choose to do everything on the Facebook platform itself.

This option is both free and efficient because all the data you need is already stored on Facebook.

You will be able to set up a welcome message and a clear call to action (CTA) whether you make use of a tool or not.

However, functions are limited without a tool.


How do I connect my Facebook page to a bot on another platform?


Platforms, such as ManyChat, will prompt you to open your Facebook page and can detect all the pages linked to your profile.

You would simply follow the prompts and select your preferred page.

How does someone enter a contact list and how do we access that data at a later stage?


First and foremost, it is important to note that without the use of a tool, you cannot collect an email or contact list.

From there, you can either collect data organically or with paid ads.

In the instance where we collect data organically, this would be the case of someone reaching out to you.

This is usually done by someone sending a message to your business page.

You can then prompt the ManyChat bot to start the conversation and then store data automatically.

In addition, you can take it a step further and set the bot to respond to certain keywords.

Then, depending on the keywords you have chosen you can decide if the response should be automated or put them in contact with an actual person.

The paid method would require you to connect an ad campaign to ManyChat.

Once this is done and a customer engages with your ad and sends you a message, you should give them some form of experience that you could use to later ask for information.

Growth Tools


Growth tools are exactly what they imply.

They are tools that you can use to grow your database, these tools are also mostly organic in nature.

There are many features available on ManyChat to help you accomplish this, an example would be the comment to messenger feature used for giveaways.

This is when someone comments on one of your posts and the bot automatically picks it up and opens messenger for them, while also capturing their details.


What do I do now that I have subscribers in Facebook Messenger?


Now that you have a database, let’s talk about sequences.

Sequences are a feature on ManyChat that allows you to communicate with people who have previously interacted with you.

Setting up a sequence basically means that you set up some form of material to be sent to selected people and when you would like it to go out.

The most important thing when using sequencing though is that you always want to be sending out something of value and not something that sounds like a sales pitch.

Then, you can set up various CTA buttons that could prompt customers to “tag” themselves, as either being interested in your product or not interested at all.

This will allow you to update your database and continue to provide useful information to people who are interested.

There are two types of decision-makers- emotional and logical decision-makers.

When you are sending out your sequences, make sure to appeal to both those demographics.

Then by day three, you can look at delivering testimonials, to build trust and credibility.

As you near the end of your sequence and you have called out all the stops, this is when you offer a discount to allow your customer a chance to try the product out.

Best Practices


Read the Ts and Cs.


  • Always make sure that you follow policies and regulations.
  • Unfortunately, just because you can send broadcast messages does not mean you should regularly be blasting people with information.
  • Put the user’s experience first.
  • If you ignore these policies, your page will be flagged or blocked.


Sales messages are a no.


  • Always strive to share information that adds value to the customer and builds your brand.
  • Do not think of this as a direct sales channel, but more so a channel to offer value, insights, and support.
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