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Summary Notes:

If you’re a small to medium-sized business and you aren’t sure where to begin in terms of your website, on today’s podcast that is exactly what we are addressing.

When it comes to building a website or creating an online presence, the first thing you want to make sure you do is to fulfil a promise to your consumer.

This can be a visual promise, or it can be a verbal promise in the form of communication.

Most importantly though, you want to put the consumer first, while avoiding disconnects and ensuring a follow-through.

Your personality will be the key factor in doing so.

How you communicate with your consumer determines what kind of relationship you plan on having.


What Makes A Brand Stand Out?


Remember, when you are advertising on social media, everyone is your competitor, not just other businesses in your niche.

So, take an interest in defining your niche and sticking to it.

The broader your services, the more blurred your message becomes.

Then, choose the right platform to convey this message.

You should think of your website as the home of your brand, with a clear message as to why people will find themselves there.

Then, the main focus should always be putting the people first.

Recognise that everything exists to solve a problem, so what is the problem you are trying to solve?

By pushing the price in the instance of a product or service, you aren’t showing people the value of your product.

Once you are able to connect your brand, to the product, to the person, then you have built your campaign.

Look at your product as the relationship between yourself and the consumer.

How you choose to interact with your consumer and the personality you choose to portray are all a part of this relationship.

However, you must also realise that the more expensive the product is, the more work you will have to put in and the more time you will have to invest.

How Do You Keep It Consistent And Make Sure There Is One Message People Are Taking Home?


  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and test different things. Every business is different, so don’t be afraid to find out what works best for you.


  • Engage with your customers. You are more likely to convert a lead to a sale when the relationship has been nurtured.


  • Understand your data. Trial and error means nothing if you don’t know where something is going wrong. So take an interest in collecting your data and then understanding it.


  • Send out value-added content. Look at your business as a service and not a product and wrap conversations around one idea that can help you identify what is working.


  • Don’t feel intimidated. As long as you remember to put the person first, take the jump and put something out there.


  • The experience should be seen as a product of the business. As soon as you add value to the customer experience, you can expect to see an ROI (Return On Investment).



E.A.T. is part of a plan that is encouraged for all businesses to use. So what does it mean?

E= Empathy: Putting the user’s needs first and seeing the product as a solution to someone’s problem. Therefore, don’t try to sell the need for the product, sell a solution to a problem.

A= Authenticity: Simply, don’t try to be something you are not. Expectations are set through certain channels and as soon as you can’t fulfil those expectations, you are no longer authentic. So, don’t claim to solve a problem you know you can’t and definitely avoid pushing price over the customers needs.

T= Transparency: The fact is, people are more willing to forgive mistakes when a business is honest and transparent. When a business is transparent about mistakes they may have made, the customer begins to feel empathy for the business and this builds trust in the relationship.

Building A Website


The thing you need to position when building a website is the bridge between a problem and a solution.

In other words, positioning your product in such a way that solves the need of the customer.

You would do this in three steps: an introduction, the click-through and conversion.

Ideally, you want to speak to the pain point with as little friction as possible while still creating a memorable experience.

If your consumer is prompted to ‘BUY NOW’ without having had an experience of some sort, they will feel no commitment to follow through, in addition, always fulfil your promise of positive user experience.

Also, remember to think about factors such as loading time.

To avoid heavy pages taking long periods of time to load, get your initial message out there first and then allow visitors the option to go further.

This will also allow them to commit to a heavier page without feeling pressurised.

What To Consider When Building A Site


  • Who are you and what kind of relationship do you want to have with your end-user? Put yourself out there and put the person first. How will you solve their problem? While putting your face to your name builds trust.


  • The less friction the better. What is my end result? What story can you tell around the product and how do you solve a problem? Most importantly though, your call to action should stand out above everything else.


  • Fulfil expectations you have put out there. Your website should mirror your image across all the different platforms.


To sum it all up, build an idea around a specific person, be consistent in everything that you do and continue to fulfil the promises you have set for yourself by creating a user friendly site, where consumers can have a memorable experience.

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