How to Convert More Leads into Sales with Ariel Flax | Ep #07

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Podcast: Summary And Notes

In this week’s Marketing Fix podcast, I sat down with Ariel Flax (the head of sales at ATG Digital) and discussed some of the most effective ways to convert leads, in your business, to sales.


1. Trust the People You Are Managing


As a business owner, you have employed certain people for certain reasons, therefore, you should trust them to manage their responsibilities in the way they see fit.


2. Understand Where You’re At, At Ground Level


When you are selling a product, you need to understand;


a) who you are trying to sell this product to,


b) what problems these individuals facing, and


c) are they going to be better off with your product?


You want to look at your product as a solution to peoples problems.

Understand that people may be facing some difficulties and that you may carry a possible solution to that problem.


3. Understand who your customers are


Always conduct research into who your customers are and how you want to help them.

Consider doing resales with people who have purchased your product before, reach out to them, engage with them and then bring all this information together so you know who to focus on.


4. Stay Flexible


In terms of flexibility, you want to be able to adapt to different situations as they arise.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the customer doesn’t respond how you wanted them to and now you’re at a loss for words.


A) Don’t be pushy.


If a client is not interested in your product or service, understand that they don’t have a need for it.


B) Less is more.


Provide some information to your customer and wait for a response.


5. Creating a CRM


CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) are of utmost importance for any business.

This will be a database that you, as a business, compile and can refer back to at any time.

It is made up of potential leads who took an initial interest in your product and then didn’t close for some reason.

This database will always come in handy as it is so much easier to reach out and try to convert leads than it will be to find brand new ones.


So what should you do?


  1. Be in touch, constantly.
  2. Be on top of mind.
  3. Keep adding value by presenting an offer that they cannot refuse.
  4. Make value exceed price.


6. Have A Pipeline for your Sales Team


The pipeline you create for your sales team will be the process you expect them to follow and report back to you, to ensure complete transparency between you and your team.

This will be a living, moving stage of processes that will be good to talk about regularly.


This funnel of processes would include points such as:


  1. Who are our leads and what is the ageing of these leads? How many of them are new leads?
  2. Is progress happening or not? If progress is not being made with a certain lead, then remove them from the pipeline.
  3. Discovery call. This refers to making the move to call your clients and establish whether you are solving their problem or not.
  4. Opportunity. This means a clear opportunity to do business, where I know for a fact that I could solve the problem being presented to me.
  5. Meeting phase.
  6. Awaiting closure.


By keeping your pipeline open and transparent, you- as a business owner, can foresee what you can expect to happen by the end of every month.

Ideally, you want to maintain a CRM by constantly following up, having meetings and phone calls.

Realise that at any moment you can always revert back to your pipeline and you should continue to find new leads while you have a CRM to fall back on.

Also, remember to treat all your prospects well.

There are many reasons someone may choose not to work with a company or purchase a product, so focus on the things you can control, such as the relationship between the business and the client.


7. Be Genuine


Most people can tell when they are being fed lines as part of a sales pitch.

If you want to convert leads to actual sales, be genuine in your approach.

You should see customers as people that you want to put before yourself or any commission.

Understand that they have a problem and be transparent in whether you can solve that problem or not.

This will help you foster true relationships.

This brings us to personalised vs automated messages, where yes, sometimes automation works, but for a small business still trying to foster that relationship, personalised messages go much further.


8. Show up and start


Whenever you are conducting a sale the very first step should be showing up and starting.

Make that clear decision to have an intent to want to do this and then do it, despite the conditions.

Pick up the phone, send emails every day and understand that the longer you take to follow up with a lead, the higher the chance of you not making a sale at all.

Invest the time.


9. Maintaining a Relationship with your Agency


When you hire a marketing agency, make sure you find one that understands your business and your clients.

This is the first step to making sure they know how to effectively communicate your message.

You also want to have a close relationship with them and have an open channel of communication, because that way you begin to;


a) find the right messaging to convey to your customers,


b) find the right platforms for your business and


c) encourage a dynamic where there is cohesion between your marketing and your sales team.


To sum it all up, in being strategic with your sales and marketing, make sure that you use the right messaging and platforms, have a sales system/process in place and realise the difference between trying something and actually doing it.

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