Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses with Nanga Ntsume | EP #06

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Podcast: Summary And Notes

As a small or medium business owner coming out of lockdown, there are a lot of questions surrounding marketing and whether or not a big opportunity was missed by not advertising during the lockdown.

The truth is this may be the case, however, you cannot let the past dictate your future and moving forward there are some things you want to look at as you continue to advertise your business.


Create Brand Awareness


As a small business, you might not always have funds to spare for brand awareness, but in the event that you do, this is a great starting point. You want to get people familiar with your business before driving ads because if you create brand awareness, you encourage engagement and this turns into conversions.


Paid Ad Advertising


If you cannot afford to create awareness for your brand, you can jump straight into paid advertising.

So when you are looking at paid ads, you have to be both strategic and direct with your approach.

Typically, small businesses do not have any organic leads, so you want to move away from creating organic content.

Understand the difference between interrupted attention vs intentional attention.

Is your product coming to people between thoughts or are they focused and paying attention to you? You want to create that intent for people to want to visit your site.

In addition, understand the psychology around what makes an ad appealing to people; is it the colours?

The text?

Be creative and experiment with what you know. Think about creating a story around your brand that makes it interesting for the viewer.


The Best Time To Include An Agency


There is no definite time frame for a business to start looking at hiring an agency, it all depends on when you feel is the right time for you.

However, there is one thing you want to make sure of before you consider hiring an agency- and that is the state of your website.

You want your site to be, overall, user friendly and attractive, because this is what a company would be marketing to people.

So, if your site is not ready to be advertised, consider making those changes first.

Secondly, consider the pros and cons of having a digital marketing agency to work with.

Typically, it can come in cheaper to work with an agency for a short while as opposed to hiring an employee to take control of your advertising.

This is because an agency is a league of specialists who will be able to ensure that you see a ROI.


Monitoring All Aspects of Your Business


A big role in deciding how you want to advertise your business is understanding everything about your business.

A mistake that many businesses make is relying on impressions to sell your product, but impressions do not directly correlate with sales.

Think about billboards as an example, you may think that everyone is going to look at a billboard as they drive past it, but this is not the case. However, the thing that everyone will look at is their phones.

Also, consider when people are looking at their phones.

Children are at school for half of the day, for example. So if you are looking at using Tiktok as your main platform, you need to delve into the psychology behind it and think like your consumers would.

Choosing A Platform


That being said, now comes a time for you to consider which platform to advertise on and the biggest thing to highlight here is your brand’s identity.

Does your identity fit with the platform you are choosing?

Also, understand that there is a difference between advertising with intent vs advertising to gain intent. What that means is that people are either seeking out your product or you still need to get people interesting in your product.

So if you were a service-based product, perhaps you would consider using LinkedIn to gain intent.

Whereas you would use google ads for people who already have intent.

Furthermore, you can never underestimate the power of advertising on Facebook.

Facebook uses its pixel to save encrypted data, which allows you as a business to pick and choose what you want your audience to look like and then take it a step further by altering that audience to create lookalike audiences.


You can imagine using Facebook as a three-tier model where you:


  1. Get people interested in working with you.
  2. Get people who would be a fit for you.
  3. Identify who your ideal clients are.


Another thing to consider about your platform is not just popularity of that platform but how you would market your product there. For example, how can you advertise coffee on a site such as tiktok?

“People buy into people.”

So, consider using influencers or an accredited source that people trust.

To round up what we have said, using social media to brand your business is possibly the most effective thing to do in this day and age, but there is a list of things you need to consider about the ways in which your business can be advertised, such as whether or not your site is up to par and whether or not you are ready to appoint an agency to help you refine your marketing journey.

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