Digital Consumers & the Reasons They Follow Brands

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How to Get It Right?

Lately, businesses and entrepreneurs think alike.

The approach business using similar mechanisms and the question on all their minds remind the same.

How to catch the eyes and hearts of digital consumers on the invisible web?

Well, luckily we don’t have to wait any longer, nor do we have to rely on crystal ball for answers, because a recent report based on data from the latest survey has spilt the beans.

Where half of the respondents maintain that they follow brands on social media to discover more about their products/services, and 48% say they follow the brands they do, in search of entertainment.

Only 40% follow brands to stay up to date on company news; when 38% of them want to learn about promotions/discounts, and 36% of the people online want to connect to similar people; another 36%, were in it for the inspiration; and 35%, to be educated.

Following is a list of reasons for which consumers will support your brand:

  • 63% of them want to learn about sales.
  • 60% wants to keep up with the latest product offering.
  • 29% are there to support the retailer.
  • 23% want to see funny and entertaining content.
  • 23% of them follow based on their service provider’s good reputation
  • While 16% follows based on their retailer’s stance on social and political issues.

Why Do They Unfollow?

Consumers say they primarily unfollow social media brands based on:

  1. Poor customer service (56%)
  2. Too many ads (43%)
  3. Too many promotional posts (35%)
  4. Irrelevant content (51%)
  5. Talking politics/social issues (34%).

Taking It a Step Further:

This is how your potential consumers replied when asked about their reasons for engaging with retailer content on social media:

  • 36% said they engage with content that promises a discount for re-sharing posts.
  • While 35% said, they engage with pots and or material because it resonates with them on a personal level.
  • Then, 29% of them said they engage in sharing their positive feedback/experience with the service provider.
  • While 20% want to share negative their experiences.

The – “Who Is More Active Survey”:

  • The Millennials take the lead at (89%), and Gen X (88%) are most likely to be on Facebook.
  • While (77%) of the Gen Z consumers are more likely to have YouTube and Instagram (77%) accounts than a Facebook account (74%).
  • (56%) of Gen Z consumers are on Twitter compared to Millennials (50%) and Gen X (39%).
  • Snapchat is the least used social network among all respondents (30%), followed by Twitter (36%).
  • Only 11% of respondents are not on any of the major social networks.


Well, there are several reasons as to why your brand will catch fire online, or not.

You’re in control; it’s all up to you, the research you do and the work you put in will reflect on your brand’s social media connections are interactions.

And so, from where we stand, understanding your consumers should be at the top of that list!

From where we stand, we’d say understanding your consumers should be at the top of that list!

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