Branding and Creative Strategy with Hercules Smit | Ep. #04

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Most business owners might think that branding is just a few pretty colours and a good looking logo.

But the reality is that if you want to build a business that you want the public to fall in love with, you will need to create more than just a brand that looks good on banners, billboards, and paper. 

Seeing the logo of a brand is what we call a touchpoint, and there are multiple touchpoints to take into consideration. 

Touchpoints include but are not limited to:

Advertising & Marketing

  • Any online ads 
  • Website 
  • TV ads
  • Print ads
  • Radio ads
  • Outdoor ads
  • Transit ads
  • In-store ads
  • Brochure 
  • Newsletter 
  • Catalogue 
  • Business card
  • Word of Mouth 

Customer Experience and Service 

  • Salesperson advice 
  • Direct mail/Email 
  • SMS/text 
  • Call centre contact 
  • Flyer/handout 
  • Chat online 
  • Filled in a form 
  • Scanned a QR code 

Merchandise and Servicescape 

  • Browsed in-store
  • Interacted with products
  • Salesperson contact
  • Showrooming
  • Viewed packaging in-store
  • Staff uniforms
  • Staff behaviour and presentation
  • Queues and waiting times

Company Culture 

  • Employee sentiment of management 
  • Employee sentiment of culture 
  • Goals, Vision and Mission 
  • Internal communication 

As you can see, numerous touchpoints can influence the perception of your brand. 

If your brand truly stands for something, then you must think long and hard about how you can portray and reflect your brand levels accurately at every single touchpoint. 

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Hercules Smit, who is the owner of Dsigna and probably one of the top creative geniuses I’ve managed to come across during my time in the industry. 

Watch the full video to find out what he had to say about how small businesses can focus on improving their branding as well as their creative strategy.  

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