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Jandre de Beer


Time to Rethink Your Paid Search Strategy…

The Online World Changes Daily In today's world, most brands and businesses are starting to catch up with the existence and power of online marketing. Knowing this, we are confident that your business is one of those! So, the next question would be, how does your paid media strategy look…
Jandre de Beer
September 5, 2019

Influencer Marketing?

Think Micro & Get It Right! We all want to go big with most of the things in our lives; nonetheless, with that said, in business, specifically, this is the one thing it's okay to go small on. Yes, we've said it. Especially when it comes to your influencer marketing…
Jandre de Beer
August 20, 2019

Here’s How to Increase Your Online Advertising ROI

Look around; online advertising has become increasingly popular, and with good reason. It’s become the go-to place for billions of consumers across the globe, to shop, socialise, and engage. Yep, that’s where they go for immediate lifestyle solutions, ranging from what to eat, where & what to wear, and, and.…
Jandre de Beer
May 20, 2019

Fresh From The Press Social Media News: Vol 7

In this week’s edition of The latest social media news, we focus on the newest features and changes happening in the world of Facebook. We also have a look at YouTube’s response to complaints it is receiving from users regarding the flagging of giveaway videos. The World of Facebook Facebook…
Jandre de Beer
March 18, 2019

Podcast: Omni-Channel Experiences and Facebook Ads

Have you ever browsed on your phone, landed on a website you were keen to check out but quickly realized it’s not mobile-friendly, bounced off the site and finding yourself on the desktop version for a better experience? Well, you’re not alone, though most web traffic is mobile, not all…
Jandre de Beer
February 26, 2019

Fresh From The Press Social Media News: Vol 6

This week is all about LinkedIn and the platform’s new features and future offerings. LinkedIn has been busy implementing so many new features to the site while also bettering current offerings. New Additions to LinkedIn Pages LinkedIn has just added three new updates to its recently launched new LinkedIn Pages.…
Jandre de Beer
February 24, 2019