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Jandre de Beer


Is Your Marketing Strategy Scalable?

You have a clear indication of what you are investing and what you are making back.  You are making enough profit back on the strategy in order to reinvest and grow the business.  And lastly, three you haven't fully tapped into the whole audience size yet which means there is…
Jandre de Beer
November 19, 2019

Tips For Marketing On LinkedIn

  Tips For Marketing On LinkedIn   When you think about marketing on social media platforms, you will likely think of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Marketing on LinkedIn can be just as effective, especially if you are looking to build strong business to business (B2B) brand credibility. LinkedIn…
Jandre de Beer
October 14, 2019

Time to Rethink Your Paid Search Strategy…

The Online World Changes Daily In today's world, most brands and businesses are starting to catch up with the existence and power of online marketing. Knowing this, we are confident that your business is one of those! So, the next question would be, how does your paid media strategy look…
Jandre de Beer
September 5, 2019

Influencer Marketing?

Think Micro & Get It Right! We all want to go big with most of the things in our lives; nonetheless, with that said, in business, specifically, this is the one thing it's okay to go small on. Yes, we've said it. Especially when it comes to your influencer marketing…
Jandre de Beer
August 20, 2019