Clicking The Boost Post Button vs Using Facebook Ads Manager

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When it comes to running ads on Facebook, there is a question around whether you should go for Ads Manager or if the Boost button is more than enough.

The Boost button appears whenever you make a post to your business’s Facebook page.

It allows you to select your target audience, budget, location, length of time, and to some extent, the placement of your ad. i.e. mobile or desktop.

In a way, the Facebook boost button is more of a “starters” way to approach marketing on Facebook.




In an experiment conducted by Social Media Lab, they set out to find out the truth behind the performance of Ads Manager and the Boost button.

They set up an identical post for both scenarios and located a budget of $750 to each.

They also ensured to target English speaking people only and focused on people who followed specific social media pages.

They were also able to select the placement for the Ads Manager campaign to desktops only, while the boost was on its default setting, meaning that the ad appeared everywhere that Facebooks Ads appear.




What they found from this experiment is that the boosted post gained 720 clicks, with the cost per click averaging around $1.14.

However, the Ads Manager campaign landed them 855 clicks, with the cost per click at $0.93.

Meaning that the Ads Manager campaign was not only cheaper but also gained them more clicks.

To further test the theory, they reran the same campaign, this time only on Ads Manager and came back with an even lower CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click through rate).




What we can deduce from this is that if you can run your campaigns through Ads Manager, then that is what you should do.

Overall, it allows for more targeting, plus more opportunities to save money.

Besides that, you should know that with Ads Manager, your ads disappear once you end the campaign.

However, when it comes to boosted posts, those posts stay on your page forever, along with all the comments that post received- negatives included.

Boost also does not allow for many learning opportunities, it’s a way for you to get your post out there and in front of everyone, but it does less with the same kind of budget.

You should not be dismayed by this though, because if you are an SME with a small ad spend, you can make boosted posts work for you.

It’s the kind of tool you would use if you are trying to get an ad out there quickly.

Just be sure that you make the conscientious effort to select your target audience, demographics, location and most importantly, the placement of your ads.

The placement of your ads is important because more people use their mobiles and overall, desktop placements do not do very well on account of this.

At the end of the day, if we are making it a competition, then Ads Manager is the way to go, especially if you want to see lower costs on your CPC and CTR.

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