7 Things You Need to Know About The Future of Facebook Messenger

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Take Your Business to the Future

Once again, technology has proven to be the most powerful of all things.

I mean it’s even changed how we perceive time, and that has invariably changed a number of things, including how businesses communicate with their clients.

So, it’s no surprise that projections show that between now and the next two years, 85% of businesses will manage customer communication and relationships through social media and messaging apps.

And to be honest, the news couldn’t be more perfect.

I mean, think about, this is a unique opportunity for businesses to develop and build consumer relationships.

See it this way; the Facebook Messenger app will open infinite doors of communication and engagement between your business and its audience.

Below is a list of 7 important things that marketers should know, as emphasised at the Facebook’s Developer Conference, held on the 30th of April.

Facebook Messenger – The Brief History

Messenger was engineered as an instant messaging service tool owned by Facebook, and it was initially launched in August of 2011.

This was after Facebook had purchased the group messaging app called Beluga.

You probably think you’ve heard all this before, but did you know that with its latest enhancements, apart from sending instant messages, emoji’s, photos, and videos, users can also send money, get the weather, and catch a quick ride.

Conference Keynote speakers maintain that Facebook Messenger marketing continues to bear the strongest marketing opportunities.

Let’s not forget that Facebook is a B2C company; it gets its revenue from businesses, so this is its focal point.

1. Facebook Messenger- Redesigned for Close Connections

Messenger has become a secondary social network, specifically for close friends and family.

The tool has a second tab which allows users to access feeds and updates from close friends and loved ones.

It will soon become the place to share status updates, view stories, and a hot watch party spot

2. Facebook Messenger & Speed

It’s no surprise that it’s been dubbed operation Lightspeed.

Facebook Messenger has gotten faster; the mission has been to make it faster and lighter.

Hence the updated Messenger app uses less battery, and boast of improved reliability.

3. End-to-End Default Encryption

Security is a big thing everywhere, and Facebook has now worked even harder on creating an extremely private future.

Your clients want to feel secure.


4. Facebook Messenger & Other platforms

This enhancement is a bit older than others, and so it should be something you already know.

And if so, then you should agree that it’s still worth the mention, that the app can send direct messages to your WhatsApp and Instagram contacts.

You reach your audience from anywhere.

5. Facebook Messenger desktop app.

Messenger has finally come to the party, and believe it or not; the desktop app is projected to extend user engagement and or to adjust how they engage.

A new tone has been set.


6. Messenger & Lead Generation Templates

The face of advertising has defiantly transformed, given the addition of lead generation templates for businesses.

Businesses can now create Messenger ads that drive customers to a Messenger Q&A sequence, and that will most certainly give your audience a grander experience of your business.

Interested in Crafting a Facebook Messenger Strategy that Works?


7. Handling Your Appointments

The need for external integration is over.

Messenger will now support the integrated ability for customers to set appointments with businesses, natively within Messenger.

Go on, secure the money bag!


The Messenger evolution has begun, and it’s in favour of businesses and marketers.

So please, take advantage.

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